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OutSystems Maps Sample

Stable version 1.6.6 (Compatible with OutSystems 11)
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OutSystems Maps Sample

Install OutSystems Maps Sample to access examples, demos, and documentation for the OutSystems Maps component.
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Install the OutSystems Maps Sample app to access the documentation and examples on how to use the OutSystems Maps component. With the OutSystems Maps you can add maps to your applications with a single or multiple locations. It's fully customizable and adaptable, allowing you to change map behaviors, customize your map, add markers and customize each of them, according to your use case. 

In the application OutSystems Maps Sample app you can find:

  • Demos, with basic and advanced samples

  • Reference documentation

Release notes (1.6.6)
  • Updated references to OutSystems Maps 1.6.6.
  • Updated references to OutSystems UI 2.16.0.
License (1.6.6)
Reviews (2)
9 Mar
in version 1.6.4
It contains a style guide and documentation. Pretty cool.
in version 1.1.1
Excellent method of providing working examples.
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