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OutSystems Maps

Stable version 1.6.6 (Compatible with OutSystems 11)
Uploaded on 9 Jul by 
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OutSystems Maps

OutSystems Maps is a component that allows you to add maps to your applications with single or multiple locations. It's fully customizable and adaptable, allowing you to change map behaviors, customize your map, add markers and customize each of them, according to your use case.
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Maps made easy, from developers to developers.

Use the OutSystems Maps to create visual rich enterprise-grade interfaces that help the user to quickly have map-based insights of the data.

Key features

  • Built for Web and Mobile apps
  • Simple to use and extend
  • Add Markers, and Directions
  • No javascript knowledge required

Developer experience using OutSystems Maps

To access a sample version of OutSystems Maps, you can download the OutSystems Maps Sample from Forge and launch it in Service Studio. These samples also have documentation.

We're continually improving this solution and adding more features.
To help us cover more specific and complex scenarios, let us know what you'd like to see in this component's support tab.

Note: Currently, Google Maps and Leaflet are supported.

Release notes (1.6.6)

Fixed Issues and Improvements: 

  • ROU-4222 - Fixed an issue that caused the Draw Shape AddOns to return the Coordinates and Location parameters empty on the OnDrawingChange event.
    This occurred when a client action was associated with the DrawingTools' OnDrawingChange event and a shape was modified (dragged or resized) after its creation.

  • ROU-4283 - Fixed an issue that caused the Draw Markers to not return the right coordinates after an OnDrawingChange event.
    This occurred when a Draw Marker was configured to allow drag and the OnDrawingChange event was configured to return the coordinates.

  • ROU-4361 - Now, the Map’s preview images were optimised in order to reduce the module size.

  • ROU-4370 - Fixed an issue that caused the Map_Initialized event not to run after the first time a Map was created.
    This occurred when leaving a screen with a Map block (Google Maps) and returning to it afterwards.

License (1.6.6)


Reviews (3)
in version 1.5.1
Is there any plan to create Travel Mode "Fly"?
in version 1.4.0
When updating to 1.4.0 it gives an incompatible error with every reactive template. But OutSystems maps is forced to install on your environment if you use those templates.... 
in version 1.0.0
Little to no documentation to get started. The template is available, but after placing the API key, I can't seem to get the map to update to the latest location in the example.