Northwind Training App TW

Stable Version 1.0.0 (Compatible with OutSystems 11)
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Northwind Training App TW

Northwind Training App is a sample E-Commerce and System Maintenance Web Application that serves as a sample training app for implementing basic CRUD using OutSystems.
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This application is a base application for anybody who wants to train in Traditional Web.  It is not meant to be perfect which makes it perfect for training.  It is also the base application for Northwind BDD which is another training app for anybody who wants to learn the BDD Framework.

The Northwind Training App TW composes of four (4) modules:

  • NorthwindUI_TW_Core – This module contains all the Entities used in the main application.  It also contains server actions that acts as a CRUD Wrappers for each Entities’ Create, Read, Update, and Delete methods.
  • NorthwindUI_TW_Maintenance – This module is Northwind’s Maintenance Application which is like an application’s Back-Office.  In here, we could add, edit, and delete records like Employees record, Customers record, Products records, etc.
  • NorthwindUI_TW_Store - This module is Northwind’s E-Commerce Application, similar to popular shopping online like  In here, we could select a product, add to shopping cart, and checkout our orders.
  • NorthwindUI_TW_Theme – This module contains some Web Blocks that can be used throughout the application.  In addition, this module contains the Applications theme, i.e., CSS classes declarations.
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