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Northwind BDD

Stable version 1.0.0 (Compatible with OutSystems 11)
Uploaded on 30 June 2021 by 
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Northwind BDD

Northwind BDD provides a base application in learning how to use BDD Framework by means of Unit Testing the behavior of Northwind Training App TW.
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The Northwind BDD application contains the modules used in implementing BDD in Unit Testing for Northwind Training App TW.  This application contains four (4) modules:

  1. BDD_Northwind_Maintenance_Test – This module contains a few lists of BDD Test for NorthwindUI_TW_Maintenance module.  The BDD test included are the following:

    • Adding a customer record
    • Adding a product record
  2. BDD_Northwind_Resources – This module contains all the BDD Test written in Excel File and the Structure that will “hold” those data.  In addition, it also contains the server action to get those test scenarios (In Excel) to be used in BDD_Northwind_Maintenance_Test and/or BDD_Northwind_Maintenance_Test.

  3. BDD_Northwind_Store_Test - This module contains a almost all possible scenarios for BDD Test for NorthwindUI_TW_Store module.  The BDD test included are the following:
    • Adding a product in shopping cart.
    • Adding an X number of products in shopping cart and removing several Y.
    • Checkout out the product in the shopping cart.
  4. BDD_Northwind_TestDatSetup – When implementing BDD Testing, it is recommended to create test data to test the scenarios in BDD and removing those records afterwards.  This module contains a series of server actions that creates random data (predefined) and insert them for each Entity in NorthwindUI_TW_Core.


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