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eSignature For Reactive

Stable version 1.0.1 (Compatible with OutSystems 11)
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eSignature For Reactive

Component used to draw and save the signature
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A component which contains a block for drawing, saving and auto-populating the signature drawn on the canvas. It is a reactive web component which has a block consisting of canvas for drawing the signature. It also contains the reset button to clear the canvas.

Following values can be configured for this component -

1. Pen Color - Color of the Signature Pen
2. LineWidth - Thickness for the line drawn by Signature Pad
3. BackgroundColor - Background color of the canvas
4. EnableSignaturePad - Parameter to enable/disable Signature Pad
5. ShowResetButton - To Reset the canvas to blank (erase the signature).
6. ResetButtonLabel - Label for the Reset button
7. ExtendedClassForResetButton - To apply additional css to the Reset Button
8. OnSignatureChange - Set this value to true, when you want to handle the changes in the Signature based on "OnChange" event.
When this value will be true, an event will be triggered to parent WB/Screen, for the changes made to signature.
9. SubmitButtonLabel - Label for Submit button
10 - ExtendedClassForSubmitButton - To apply additional css on submit button.
11. SetSignature - If you want to pre-populate the signature, then pass the url of the signature to this input parameter.

This Block triggers the event when the -
1. signature is modified.
2. reset button is clicked.
3. Submit button is clicked

Note : The text field to receive the signature data in the event (ModifiedSignature) has a larger length size.

Release notes (1.0.1)

This version fixes the issue of the breaking changes introduced by Outsystems UI (by removing the jQuery).

License (1.0.1)
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in version 1.0.1
This was broken due to DEPRECATED_jQuery script, which was removed, in version 2.8.1 of OutsystemsUI. An updated version was released just 2 days after request. Now working fine! Thanks