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Neo's Space Hub

Stable version 1.0.2 (Compatible with OutSystems 11)
Uploaded on 14 December 2021 by 
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Neo's Space Hub

Application for Neo's Space Odyssey, that will help him organize space meetings with his friends!
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Here's what we have to achieve in the final version: 

  • Create groups to invite his friends into, in a way that makes sense (family, work, TGIF, and so on)
  • Have his friends register for the app and join the groups they are invited to.
  • Create activities that can later be used to schedule events with his group of friends.
  • Collaborate with his friends to reach an agreement on what to do, when, and where.
  • Have a few games suggested that they can play together as they wait for everyone to arrive.
Release notes (1.0.2)

Reached out to day 9, except for two factor authentication:) 

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