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[2021: Neo's Odyssey] Friends

Stable version 1.0.12 (Compatible with OutSystems 11)
Uploaded on 29 December 2021 by 
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[2021: Neo's Odyssey] Friends

This is an app that you can use as a guidance to participate in Neo's Odyssey when you are feeling stuck.
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The place where you invite your friends, joined them in groups and collaborate to schedule activities together.

We will try to update it regularly as soon as the daily challenges are released. If you have any suggestion, feedback or improvement - feel free to ask to join the team. Please include why you are joining in the request.

Release notes (1.0.12)

Day 12 - Creating activities

  • 2 new screens to view a group's activity and activities created by logged user
  • Users are now able to say if they will participate or not
  • In case of a maybe, users will be prompted to propose a new date and location (optional)
  • New entities and CRUD wrappers for the proposal and reply features
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