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Amazon Lex

Stable version 2.0.0 (Compatible with OutSystems 11)
Uploaded on 23 June 2022 by 
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Amazon Lex

Create conversational interfaces using voice and text with the Amazon Lex connector.
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Connect OutSystems apps with Amazon Lex to add conversational interfaces that use sophisticated, natural-language chatbots for highly-engaging user experiences.

The same deep-learning engine that powers Amazon Alexa is now available for OutSystems developers. Amazon Lex provides the deep functionality and flexibility of natural language understanding (NLU) and automatic speech recognition (ASR). Build an entirely new category of products. Learn more about Amazon Lex and what it has to offer.
The connector uses an AWS SDK (check the documentation on how to set up the connector). Once connected, you can easily include the Amazon Lex Runtime V2 capabilities in your apps. The following picture shows the Amazon Lex connector in Service Studio:

How to “Try Now” this component

You might notice that this component doesn't have a “Try Now” option,  that’s because the best way to see  this  component in action is by checking Self-Service Chatbot.  It’s an Accelerator using Amazon Self-Service Chatbot.

In Self-Service Chatbot, you can try this component  and also learn how to integrate it in an OutSystems application to do conversational interfaces.


By downloading this component you acknowledge and agree to the collection of usage data (which may include, but is not limited to, method name, operation type or region) by OutSystems and Amazon Web Services. Usage data does not include personal data. If you do not  agree with such collection, please do not download this component.

Release notes (2.0.0)

In this version:

  • 9 new static entities to manage static data sent and returned from the service. Bellow is the list with the name of static entities created:

    • LexConfirmationState

    • LexContentType

    • LexDialogActionType

    • LexIntentState

    • LexSentiment

    • LexRequestContentType

    • LexResponseContentType

    • LexShape

    • LexSlotElicitationStyle

  • Validation was added to all public methods inside the connector, instead of transparently sending everything to the AWS service.

    • There is a new LexRequestValidation exception to manage the validation output

    • This validation acts on:

      • mandatory fields

      • integer ranges

      • string length

  • <breaking change> Updated all structures to use the created static entities identifier, instead of returning a text value. Below is the list with the name of updated structures:

    • Request_RecognizeUtterance

    • Response_RecognizeUtterance

    • Request_SessionPut

    • Response_SessionPut

    • DialogAction

    • Intent

    • Message

    • Sentiment

    • Slot

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