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Cool Configurator

Stable version 2.5.1 (Compatible with OutSystems 11)
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Cool Configurator

A CoolProfs product to improve and accelerate application configuration management of all your environments. You can monitor and manage the effective and desired values of site properties, consumed Rest and Soap endpoints, and timer schedules (including multi tenancy). This product is ISV licensed. Request a fully functional free trial at
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Property settings of Outsystems applications are done per module, per environment. That means you have to know which module contains which properties, endpoints, and timers. This is often included in release documentation and performed shortly after a release has been committed. Administrators must be available after the release and check all settings and correct them individually.

How robust are these release moments when it comes to properties, endpoints and timers? How sure are you that all properties have the correct values in the different environments? Are you tired of constantly switching tabs in your browser with Server Center of every environment to check your site properties, or change the URL of your consumed endpoints, or run your timers?

An important question is whether you can say with certainty whether your release documentation about the properties to be set is accurate? You often only find out during the release that you are still missing properties. Or worse, you find out after production release that there are endpoints that are still using the wrong URL.

How handy would it be to be able to view and manage all settings of all environments in 1 overview, where you can also prepare a new release in advance and implement it later with 1 push of a button. The Cool Configurator saves preparation time, prevents unnecessary mistakes, and provides you an overview. It also relieves the pressure on everyone involved in a release process.

Key Benefits

  • Complete overview of properties
  • Multi-tenancy support
  • Easy management across all environments
  • Simple migration of configuration management
  • Less dependent on Service Center
  • Less human errors
  • Efficiency gains in property management
  • Authorization management from LifeTime

The Cool Configurator is a licensed product. You can request a fully functional free trial license by sending an email to Provide your environment's activation code and we will send you a license. You can also visit to read more about the software development life cycle suite, of which the Cool Configurator is part of.

This license needs to be installed on your OutSystems environment before you can install the Cool Configurator.

Release notes (2.5.1)
  • Fixed an issue that resulted in updating siteproperties even when there was no difference between the effective and configured value.
  • Fixed an issue that resulted in improper handling of a command to apply settings due to the use of an incorrect status code.
License (2.5.1)

ISV licensed product

Reviews (1)
in version 2.0.1
Very nice tool, providing immediate overview of cross-environment config settings.
Never any forget setting on release, because they can even be set before the software has been deployed