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Vonage Video

Stable version 2.0.0 (Compatible with OutSystems 11)
Uploaded on 09 May 2022 by 
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Vonage Video

Vonage Video is a multi-participant video conferencing application and it provides support for simplified and optimized Video API usage, including automatic management of rooms, participants, layout, quality and experience.
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About Vonage

Vonage APIs is a world leading API platform for interactive video-, voice- and messaging-communication for Mobile and Web. With these APIs, you can enhance your applications with better customer experience by adding multi-user video conferencing and involved functionalities like screen sharing, chat and recording.

About Video Express

Vonage Video Express is a JavaScript library to quickly create a multiparty video conference web application. It works on top of the Vonage Video API for JavaScript.

Vonage Video Express will help customers across all industries get to market quicker with slicker branded experiences, while controlling their video-related costs and without compromising on quality and scalability:

  • Telehealth - Healthcare platforms are now offering their practitioners a variety of multiparty telehealth options, including expert consultations connecting patients, medical experts, and the patient's family remotely to expedite decision making, and even group therapy sessions that remove technology barriers and create spaces for the open exchange of ideas.
  • Education - In the online education space, multiparty video is being deployed to improve tasks from classrooms to school-to-home communications to remote exam administration and hiring of talent.
  • Events and Entertainment - Companies innovating in the online events space have been one of the fastest growing sectors during COVID, building interactive stages and broadcasting to millions over video via social channels.

This component is supported by LINKIT, OutSystems Elite Partner. If you have any questions about the component or need help with the implementation, don’t hesitate to contact us.



Release notes (2.0.0)
  • Seperated each functionality into a more granular scope
  • Media device check at the start of the session
  • Layout mode (Grid and speaker view) option is available & working
  • Demo screen and Waiting room has been removed
  • Included functional documentation to know how to use the asset
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