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Arcanum AI Automated Expense Categorisation

Stable version 1.0.0 (Compatible with OutSystems 11)
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Arcanum AI Automated Expense Categorisation

Classifies expense line items into pre-defined categories
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Expense Line Item Classification

Automatically classify line items from receipts and invoices into categories


  • Provide personalised spending analytics - Provide expense analytics reports for your customers by organising expenses into standardised categories.
  • Increased product intelligence - Gain business insights and provide a better experience for the end user.
  • Improve customer experience - Increase speed and simplicity of UX when inputting information. This type of repetitive activity is notoriously tedious, frustrating and time consuming.

Usage (Input/Output)

The input for the Single line item classification API is a description line corresponding to a particular line item on a receipt or invoice. The output consists of the top three expense categories (e.g. Printing and Stationery, Office Equipment, and Computer Equipment) as suggested by the workflow. You decide how to use this data in your application - here we are showing only the top two categories for the user to choose.

The input for the Batch classification API is a structured list of description lines. The API call processes batches of 20 rows until all the input is processed. The output from this API contains the top prediction for each of the input line items.


  • At the moment, this workflow supports pre-defined label sets. In the future, we will support user-uploaded labelled sets to allow personalisation and further granularity.

  • For best results, the length of line items should remain under 200 words.

  • Results may vary with non-standard descriptions such as item IDs, acronyms, or abbreviations.

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