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ISBN Validator

Stable version 1.0.0 (Compatible with OutSystems 11)
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ISBN Validator

This Service Module checks if a ISBN-13 is valid. It's also possible to retrieve book details from OpenLibrary API, in a stable format, to a JSON object. Finally, it can also convert a ISBN-10 to ISBN13 number.
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The Service Module has 3 public server actions that:

  • Checks if a given text contains a valid ISBN-13 (may include hyphens or spaces but no other chars)
  • Converts the first 9 digits of a 10 digit ISBN to a 13 digit ISBN text output (may include hyphens or spaces but no other chars). Returns NullTextIdentifier if it can't be converted to a valid ISBN-13. This action is also a function.
  • Returns the Book Details for a valid ISBN-13, in a structure with several attributes. Has exception handling for invalid ISBN-13 or no details found (empty response from the OpenLibrary API).

It also has some Auxiliar Server Actions used:

  • Converts a list of integers to a string
  • Converts a string to a list of integers. Ignores hyphens and spaces, but returns an empty list if other char is found
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