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SmartThings Integration

Stable version 1.2.0 (Compatible with OutSystems 11)
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SmartThings Integration

Core and Home modules: all you need to control your smart home from an OutSystems environment!
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Key features

  • Integration with SmartThings API via bearer token
  • Sync devices from the SmartThings cloud to OutSystems entities
  • Most common actions to to show and interact with devices
  • List and execute scenes
  • Use OutSystems to create advanced automations
  • Sample app with all the features above, so you can easily adapt or build your own!

How to use

Blog post

  • Curious to see how this component was built? Check out the blog post.

Example of an app built with this integration

Release notes (1.2.0)
  • Refactored the sync logic for devices, rooms and scenes
  • Automatic device type recognition based on the reported capabilities from SmartThings API
  • Added support for light color and temperature
  • Added support for light groups (manual)
License (1.2.0)
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