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Application Log Reports (Reactive Analytics)

Stable version 1.0.1 (Compatible with OutSystems 11)
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Application Log Reports (Reactive Analytics)

Outsystems does not provide analytics for Reactive applications out of the box. Due to the nature of reactive, they can be complex. This application demonstrates how to pull basic analytics from the Service Center logs into a Data Grid Reactive display, so that you can group, sort, export, etc. The most recent update adds sample pages for Application User counts, combining Reactive/Mobile and Traditional in one screen by using an Advanced SQL Query.
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The application requires a Service Center login, since the logs are kept in a separate database from the standard database which holds system and business entities. It uses the standard PlatformLogs extension to access the Log_Mobile_Request entity, which is where Reactive applications send their logs. These logs only record server side actions.

The grid exposes the data in summary fashion, by Instant (date), Application Name, Module Name (espace), Page Name (screen), Action name (endpoint), count, average duration (ms), and count of slow accesses - set to 250 ms by default.

Future or suggested enhancements:

  • Expose the SlowAccess setting as a site property to change the value from 250
  • Use a daily timer to record the days activity into an Entity in the regular database to allow a regular user to have access. Or create a new entity in the Log database that would accumulate multiple days of data

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Release notes (1.0.1)

Added new screens for Application User counts by date, including Reactive, Web and Traditional combined in one screen.

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