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Google Like Pagination

Stable version 1.0.3 (Compatible with OutSystems 11)
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Google Like Pagination

OS built in pagination is causing problem/connetion timeout even a long fetch request cause its waiting for the total records to compute. Our team wonder why google paginations are design like that so why not do the same. Now we dont have problem processing millions(6millions) in our test using this widget.
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  1.  Please have variables PageCount and StartIndex.See image #3
  2.  Create two Fetch action 1: for list (see image #4) and 2: total count
  3. Make Sure 2:total count fetch actions is running on demand and call it when 1:list is done fetching.
  4. Drag any of the widgets then fill up the input parameter they just simple you wont be confuse.
  5. "ArrayOfRows" input parameter is not mandatory it has a default json which you can override if you wanted just copy the default json in it.
  6. Handle the event of the widgets assign the new index to the variables in #1 then Refresh the Fetch list action.
  7. If you implement a search function make sure you refresh the Total Records fetch action also.
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