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Stable Version 2.3.1 (O11)
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Created on 28 June 2016
What’s new (2.3.1)


  • Improved DatePicker behavior when used with Date and DateTime type inputs. Now it always changes the type of the input to text in runtime.
  • Added a title attribute on DropdownSearch and DropdownTags, to improve Accessibility compliance.
  • DropdownTags now correctly apply primary-color to border when being focused or opened.

Fixed Issues:

  • Fixed an issue where MasterDetail would focus on the content area content while used in Phone.
  • Fixed an error when using MasterDetail in screens with a layout that did not have a “.content” container.
  • Fixed a misbehavior when dragging the Carousel and opening Accordion items in Firefox.
  • DropdownSearch and DropdownTags now render even when used with an empty list.
  • Fixed error on DropdownTags that caused duplicated items to appear.

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Reviews (6)
23 Jan (4 days ago)
in version 2.3.0
As a designer I am constantly frustrated by the disappearing of component examples I have been using in my designs and the lack of working examples of components. Reading documentation about components doesn't help me. I need to interact with components and be able to share them with others to interact with. The Sketch file of UI components is months out of date. Not a very designer-friendly site.
in version 2.2.5
Really useful!
Tons of new great components, with the usual quality.
in version 2.1.0
Broke the User Registration Flow that I was using. I think deprecation should still allow for compatibility with earlier modules and not just drop the feature.
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