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Stable Version 2.2.6 (O11)
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Created on 28 June 2016
What’s new (2.2.6)


  • When creating new applications, the primary-color customization CSS is no longer in the application theme, it now uses the Theme Editor instead. This requires Service Studio 11.6.11

  • Added a new public action “AddFavicon”, in the Utilities folder. This action allows to define custom favicon images in your Reactive Web applications.

Fixed Issues:

  • Fixed alignment issues on time inputs.

  • Fixed Tooltip issue when used inside Lists with the trigger as hover.

  • Fixed Gallery CSS Grid in Edge, when used inside Lists.

  • Fixed Wizard behavior when using both IsVertical and UseTopLabel options.

  • Fixed SectionGroup behavior in Edge, when using the HasStickyTitles option.

  • Fixed radio-buttons and checkboxes hovering showing a caret cursor inside a Form.

Create amazing applications using this fully integrated UI framework for OutSystems, with dozens of UI patterns ready to use.
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Start creating amazing applications that run on any platform, iOS, Android and web, with one single framework. Take leverage of the pre-built reusable and fully integrated UI Patterns that can be totally customizable and extendable with the OutSystems visual language.

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Reviews (5)
30 Oct
in version 2.2.5
Really useful!
Tons of new great components, with the usual quality.
18 Jul
in version 2.1.0
Broke the User Registration Flow that I was using. I think deprecation should still allow for compatibility with earlier modules and not just drop the feature.
21 Jun
in version 2.0.9
It has great components and easy to use. 
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