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Application Shell Creation

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Application Shell Creation

To create application without modules using REST API. Currently, to create an application, user will need to have the "Create Application" rights as the default role. Thus, minimally, it will require "Change and Deploy" rights setup in lifetime. Otherwise, you can create an application when you allow user to manage teams and users. In some cases, you want to limit the rights in the development but creation of an application is required especially for developers. Thus, this solution is created to facilitate such scenarios.
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Before proceeding to use the application, do ensure you have gone through the setup under the Documentation. This application is only meant to be installed in DEV environment.


1. Access to app's dashboard

2. Click on Create Application Shell

3. Filled in all the fields (only Description is optional)

  • Bearer Token - The token you had saved during creation of the service account
  • Environment - The environment the application will be created in
  • Application Name - Name of application
  • Description - Description of application
  • Template - Application Template
  • Team - Team that this application will be assigned to

Note: If there is no Team, you will need to create a team.

4. Click on Save

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