Field Services Mobile

Stable Version 1.0.4 (O11)
Also available for 10
Published on 30 June 2020 by 
Field Services Team
Stable Version 1.0.4 (O11)
Also available for 10
Published on 30 June 2020 by 
Field Services Team
Field Services Team
Created on 30 June 2016

Field Services Mobile

What’s new (1.0.4)

Added new features:

  • Speech to Text functionality
  • PWA Ready
  • Latest OutsystemsUI compatibility
This app is a demo application with dummy data and should be used only for demonstration/test purposes. Field Services mobile app supports telecom technicians in performing field services. It’s specially designed for iPads, works completely offline, as it allows the technician to perform all tasks offline and synchronizes all data when connected. Uses mobile plugins to integrate location and barcode scanning with the device, and can be used as PWA (Progressive Web Application).
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The Field Services solution is composed of 2 applications:

Field Services Mobile (this app)

The Field Services sample app provides easy-to-use interfaces designed for tablet devices, and includes significant built-in functionality:

  • Rich dashboard to facilitate the planning of the workday, based on scheduled work orders
  • The dashboard provides a map that shows the location of the day's remaining work orders
  • Once a service is selected, a map shows the path to the customer
  • Inventory checks to ensure all parts are available for planned work orders
  • Review customer’s service details and past purchases to enable field technicians to offer new service upgrades 
  • Information on customer’s special requirements or home configurations
  • Wizard guided installation process
  • Add comments using speech-to-text functionality
  • Work order confirmation by the customer using a signature on glass
  • PWA Ready

Field Services Backoffice

  • Contains a dashboard with the current location of all technicians and a summary of the day's work orders. 
  • A Plan screen allows managing the assignment of technicians to work orders fastly and easily using drag and drop.
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