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Touch ID Plugin

Stable version 3.3.8 (Compatible with OutSystems 11)
Other versions available for 10
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Touch ID Plugin

Empower your Android and iOS application with fingerprint or face id authentication.
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Give the ability to your application, to leverage the local authentication framework to allow in-app user authentication using fingerprint or face id sensors.


Supported features

  • iOS Touch ID

  • iOS Face ID

  • Android Fingerprint

How to use this plugin?

Use TouchId client action in order to request fingerprint or face id validation on the users device. This client action returns True if the user has been authenticated successfully or False otherwise. It also allows for a small text to be displayed explaining why this credential is being requested.

Known limitations

  • For Android 9 and above, the CheckBiometricType client action will return the default "Biometric" value, which can be any biometric method - face, fingerprint, or iris.

  • It is possible that, for some Android devices, face id won't be recognized as a method of biometric authentication. This is because not all manufacturers (OEMs) provide a face id method implementation that the Android system accepts as secure for authentication. More info here.



TouchId plugin for Apache Cordova
MIT License (MIT)
Copyright © 2016 Lee Crossley <>
Apache License 2.0
Copyright © 2016 Matthew Wheatley <>

Release notes (3.3.8)
  • Improve Android stability.
License (3.3.8)
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