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OutSystems Labs
OutSystems Labs
Created on 18 July 2016

Google Login Plugin

Google plus login, natively integrated with IOS and Android.
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Follow the instructions to know How to Configure the Google Login Plugin.

Natively login to the device's google accounts using OAuth. 

  • Simple login/logout actions
  • Add more google API scopes to gather additional permissions for your app
  • Does not use In App Browser

NOTE: some assembly required (you know, google credentials and client ids and such...)

What’s new (2.0.1)

Since we can now use a json file in the parent app to load the needed credentials to make the component work, we removed the variables section of the extensibility configurations. f you don't wan't to use the json file, just place the variables section in the extensibility configurations again:


    "plugin" :{

        "url": "",

        "variables": [

            {"name": "REVERSED_CLIENT_ID", "value": "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"}




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16 Sep
in version 2.0.1

Here a version working with mabs 6.2
25 May
in version 2.0.1
Please update the plugin for latest MBAS 6.1.
in version 2.0.1
This plugin no longer works and the instructions are extremely outdated.
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