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Stable version 1.0.12 (Compatible with OutSystems 11)
Uploaded on 19 Jan by 
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Some features of ChatGPT.
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Chat with conversational AI that can converse with you, answer follow-up questions, and challenge incorrect assumptions.

OpenAI's GPT (generative pre-trained transformer) models have been trained to understand natural language and code. GPTs provide text outputs in response to their inputs. The inputs to GPTs are also referred to as "prompts". Designing a prompt is essentially how you “program” a GPT model, usually by providing instructions or some examples of how to successfully complete a task.

To use a GPT model via the OpenAI API, you’ll send a request containing the inputs and your API key, and receive a response containing the model’s output. Our latest models, gpt-4 and gpt-3.5-turbo, are accessed through the chat completions API endpoint. Currently, only the older legacy models are available via the completions API endpoint.


Release notes (1.0.12)
  • Implemented new ModelAI: GPT-3.5
    • ModelAI: GPT-3.5 models can understand and generate natural language or code. Our most capable and cost effective model in the GPT-3.5 family is gpt-3.5-turbo which has been optimized for chat using the Chat Completions API but works well for traditional completions tasks as well.
  • Change input parameter Messages to Message Data Type Text
License (1.0.12)

Reviews (3)
19 Jan
in version 1.0.12
This is great component! I had to update couple libraries, but works great and I used in customer presentation successfully! Thank you!
in version 1.0.3
Great component! Leonardo provided generous assistance in helping me to resolve issues encountered in using it.
in version 1.0.2
Awsome! Thanks for sharing.