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Stable version 1.0.9 (Compatible with OutSystems 11)
Uploaded on 02 June 2023 by 
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Process cleaning and viewing
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Pre version 

I created this module when working at WoningNet in The Netherlands, extensive use of the BPT functions and BPT processes with high number of activities caused the system to slow down because of slow system queries, Also the proces interface of service center couldn't handle the high number of activities. This pushed me to creating a better tool. BPTUtils has a too granular function and too much to do manually. This tool will do the cleaning automatically and als more granular, its possible to setup the cleaning per process defenition.

It will include a lot of functionality, still developing from a IP-d version a cannot use which did include 

- auto setup using a timer, define all processes and auto clean setup for 30 days after close/end/terminate

- good working filters on the main screen 

- detail graphs for status and creation date

- killing active proceses / terminate

Release notes (1.0.9)

bug fixes

  • Settings : selectable proc definitions was only non used, when edit existing wrong proc def would be selected, changed to when edit exisiting only non editable input for the proc def label will be shown
  • Proc list of the proc definition in setting wouldn't be filtered on closed / terminated procs when use retention filter was selected (the default)
  • deciding if cleaning is needed was based on currdate iso currdatetime 
  • no label processes will have a link now
  • cleaning up interface
  • more info in the proces settings list
License (1.0.9)
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