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IATA Raw Barcode Parser (Boarding Pass)

Stable version 1.0.0 (Compatible with OutSystems 11)
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IATA Raw Barcode Parser (Boarding Pass)

IATA Raw Barcode Parser built based on Pure Javascript. With this asset, you can Parse your boarding pass details from a scanned RAW barcode input string.
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Please find the demo link below: https://menepet.github.io/iata-barcode-js-parser/ Below are the attributes we are retreiving from boarding pass based on IATA standards. { "Format Code": "M", "Number of Legs Encoded": "1", "Passenger Name": "ENGELHARDT/KEVIN ", "Electronic Ticket Indicator": "E", "Operating Carrier PNR Code": "H4PLCT ", "From City Airport Code": "PBI", "To City Airport Code": "ATL", "Operating carrier Designator": "DL ", "Flight Number": "0951 ", "Date of Flight (Julian Date)": "199", "Compartment Code": "C", "Seat Number": "002D", "Check-in Sequence Number": "0001 ", "Passenger Status": "1", "Field size of variable field (Conditional + Airline item 4)": "55", "Beginning of version number": ">", "Version number": "3", "Field size of following structured message - unique": "18", "Passenger Description": "(empty field)", "Source of check-in": "(empty field)", "Source of Boarding Pass Issuance": "W", "Date of Issue of Boarding Pass (Julian Date)": "(empty field)", "Document Type": "(empty field)", "Airline Designator of boarding pass issuer": "DL ", "Baggage Tag License Plate Number (s)": "(empty field)", "1st Non-Consecutive Baggage Tag License Plate Number": " 290062116867", "2nd Non-Consecutive Baggage Tag License Plate Number": "2983 DL 26", "Field size of following structured message - repeated": "76", "Airline Numeric Code": "407", "Document Form/Serial Number": "592 ", "Selectee Indicator": "(empty field)", "International Document Verification": "(empty field)", "Marketing Carrier Designator": " DL", "Frequent Flyer Airline Designator": "001", "Frequent Flyer Number": -1, "ID/AD Indicator": -1, "Free Baggage Allowance": -1, "Fast Track": -1, "For individual airline use": -1, "Beginning of security data": -1, "Type of Security Data": -1, "Length of Security Data": -1, "Security Data": -1 }

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