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Multiple File Upload Block

Stable version 1.0.0 (Compatible with OutSystems 11)
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Multiple File Upload Block

Block to upload multiple files. Allows uploading of only desired file types of given maximum file size limits. The block requires jQuery.
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This is a block that supports multiple file uploads. The block has input parameters to specify the desired file type extensions (like ".pdf, .pdf"), desired maximum number of files to be uploaded and desired maximum file size limits.

Some example values of input parameters :-

1. For uploading only PDF and excel files set the value of input parameter AcceptFileTypes as ".pdf, .xls".

2. For allowing upload of only 3 files at a time set the value of input parameter MaxFiles as 3.

3. For setting a limit on file sizes set value of input parameter MaxSize to file size in bytes to be allowed, for eg. 50000.

In case the conditions are not valid the block's event have proper error messages.

The Block fires a event PassFilesJSON_And_Binary, with the list of uploaded files, in which the file contents are in Base64. Structure FilesJSONString is defined for this purpose. 

The event also passes the file details , with the Binary of the uploaded files, . Structure FileDetailsBinary is defined for this purpose.

Note :

The block requires jQuery, so include it as required script in the screen in which you are using this block.


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