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Google Material Symbols

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Google Material Symbols

Utilize Google's Material Symbols in OutSystems!
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Material Symbols is Google's newest icons consolidating over 3,013 glyphs in a single font file with a wide range of design variants. Symbols are available in three styles and four adjustable variable font styles (fill, weight, grade, and optical size).

This components supports all 3 design variants (Outlined, Rounded and Sharp) in additional to the ability to easy configure all axis:

  • Fill axis: Fill gives you the ability to modify the default icon style. A single icon can render both unfilled and filled states.
  • Weight axis: Weight defines the symbol’s stroke weight, with a range of weights between thin (100) and bold (700). Weight can also affect the overall size of the symbol.
  • Grade axis: Weight and grade affect a symbol’s thickness. Adjustments to grade are more granular than adjustments to weight and have a small impact on the size of the symbol.
  • Optical Size axis: Ranges from 20dp to 48dp. For the image to look the same at different sizes, the stroke weight (thickness) changes as the icon size scales. Optical size offers a way to automatically adjust the stroke weight when you increase or decrease the symbol size.

See Documentation for more info.

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