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Azure Language Detection and Translator

Stable version 2.0.1 (Compatible with OutSystems 11)
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Azure Language Detection and Translator

Service Application used to detect user input's language. Alongside user can be able to translate the input text to their desired language. Contains Static entity of all the Azure supported languages with its code, native name and directory name.
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By using this service application, you can be able to detect user's input language and translate user's input to desired language. It also contains a static entity which has all the available Azure supported languages with Code, Native name and directory name.

The main thing you need is you need to create and an account in Azure and select the plan as per your need. It's because subscription key from Azure is needed to use the methods inside this application. Currently I am using the free plan but based on your needs it may change. Kindly use the below URL to create an account in Azure.

Home - Microsoft Azure

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  • Exception Handling
  • Optimized Flow
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23 Mar (4 weeks ago)
in version 2.0.1
This is a very useful component. would be nice to integrate this with a mobile app survey app, to translate the text the fly.