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Hierarchical data in OutSystems (Demo)

Stable version 1.0.0 (Compatible with OutSystems 11)
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Hierarchical data in OutSystems (Demo)

This sample application demonstrates an efficient approach to manage hierarchical data in OutSystems and how to implement recursive SQL queries and a tree view based on the OutSystems UI List control.
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Hierarchical data is a structure of data that references itself to represent a tree of parent and child elements. In practice, you often find such structures for mapping organizational hierarchies, folders or taxonomies. While OutSystems allows self-referencing entities, this does not apply to structures. This means that hierarchical data cannot be mapped one-to-one. This sample application demonstrates how you can nevertheless work with hierarchical data in OutSystems, from persistence in the database to processing in the core service and display on the UI. For the UI part, the List pattern is used to create a tree view, as there is none in the OutSystems UI.

The Forge component is accompanied by this article explaining its construction step by step, so that you can recreate the example and comprehend the solution yourself.

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25 Jan
in version 1.0.0
Good job! In the 80s, when we were still working with indexed sequential files, I had to develop an identical functionality for a MRP (Material Requirements Planning) System. The algorithm worked well and without any limit on the number of hierarchical levels, but it was a very interesting fight! Thank you for reminding me of those times.