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Stable Version 1.1.0 (OutSystems 10)
Published on 11 July 2017 by 
IBM Watson Team
IBM Watson Team
Created on 07 July 2017
Provides low-code tools for Watson deep learning algorithms for: image classification, face detection, tone analysis and text-to-speech.
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Wrapper for IBM Watson™ AI services in areas such as language, speech, and vision.


  • Translate text from a source language to a target language
  • Identify the language of a text
  • Custom translation models

Natural Language Understanding

  • Analyzes text, HTML, or a public web page with one or more text analysis features including concepts, emotion, keywords, etc.

Personality Insights

  • Derives personality insights from content written by an author

Text to Speech

  • Synthesizes text to spoken audio.
  • Get pronunciation
  • Custom models

Tone Analyzer

  • Analyze the tone of text or HTML input. It derives various characteristics for each tone that it analyzes: emotion, language, social.

Visual Recognition

  • Identify classes in images, including custom classes
  • Analyze faces in images and get data about them, such as estimated age, gender, plus names of celebrities.

What’s new (1.1.0)

Add support for Translation and Natural Language Understanding apis.

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