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Created on 25 September 2017
Integrate Intercom into your Customer Mobile Apps
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Use this mobile plugin to add Intercom to your customer mobile apps.

To configure the integration you need to set up a few preferences in your mobile app (check documentation):

    "preferences" : {
        "global": [
                "name" : "intercom-app-id",
                "value" : ""
                "name" : "intercom-ios-api-key",
                "value" : ""
                "name" : "intercom-android-api-key",
                "value" : ""

All this information is available in intercom developer website. Additionally, you can also configure Google notifications through these preferences.

How to use it?

Use the OnApplicationReady event to configure the plugin, registering logged in and out users and setting up notifications (notifications required additional setup on intercom side). Use UserHash to confirm user identities, more information here.

Change the Login client action on the Login screen to register the logged in user.

Then use the ShowLauncher action if you want Intercom launcher to be always present on the screen or the ShowIntercomMessenger action to open the messenger popup.

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