Stable version 1.10.5 (Compatible with OutSystems 11)
Other versions available for 10 and Older
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Generic extension for serializing and deserializing Outsystems values into and out of JSON
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ardoJSON is an extension that aims to provide a simple interface to processing JSON data. The goal is that no extension coding is required, you only have to define the relevant structures in OutSystems and the extension will do the rest for you.

It is capable of serializing any data from the OutSystems Platform into JSON, and it is capable of de-serializing JSON into a compliant OutSystems structure.

Feature List


  • Based on JSON.NET in the .NET stack (Version 11.0.0)

  • Serializes any OutSystems value into meaningful JSON

  • Understands most common date formats

  • Can build OutSystems records out of provided JSON

  • Can perform JSON Path manipulations

What’s new (1.10.5)


  • Demo updated to reactive

  • Added Tags

  • Added Screenshots

  • Added Documentation

  • Updated component to .NET 4.7.2 

  • Deprecated the current version of the JSON_Objectify in favor of a new version that uses the same "key/value" naming so it's easier to reverse the JSON_Listify operation.

  • Updated the extension description to clarify that the Newtonsoft.Json version used by the extension will match the bundled Newtonsoft.Json version included with the current platform version.

Bug Fixing:

  • Fixed an error when using a Path expression that returned more than one element. Now you can use all common Path expressions to parse large/complex JSON.
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