OutSystems Charts

Stable version 2.0.0 (Compatible with OutSystems 11)
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OutSystems Charts

This component features the most commonly used chart types to easily generate visual representations of data in Reactive Web and Mobile apps.
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These charts are based on the HighCharts library and can be extended with their API to cover advanced use cases and customization options. 

The component includes: 

  • Area chart
  • Bar chart
  • Column chart
  • Donut chart
  • Line chart
  • Pie chart

What’s new (2.0.0)

Fixed Issues

  • Fixed issue where the screen freezes while using advancedFormat. (RGRIDT-988)

  • Fixed issue where classes and attributes are not applied in Charts. (RGRIDT-995)


  • Upgrade HighCharts library version to v9.1.2 (RGRIDT-1013)

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