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OutSystems Success DevOps team
OutSystems Success DevOps team
Created on 18 October 2018
Probe to expose OutSystems Platform monitoring data as API so it can be: - Consumed by 3rd monitoring tools; - Explored the raw data and studied OutSystems Platform and applications behaviour and performance, etc.
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Application Goal

Expose all the relevant OutSystems monitoring data through a set of REST APIs.  For one environment.

In particular:

  • OutSystems monitoring data that was only accessible through a direct query to the OutSystems Platform database (logs, timers, );
  • But also that are also accessible through the built-in OutSystems Performance Monitoring API [2].

Your feedback, code changes proposes, .

Use Cases

  1. Give a quick way of developers, operations and other roles to access OutSystems Monitoring data for:
    1. Explore OutSystems monitoring raw data and learn it;
    2. Do troubleshooting.
  2. For Small OutSystems Factories allow access to all OutSystems monitoring data to:
    1. Integrate with 3rd party apps;
    2. Built their own visualizations and alerts on top of the OutSystems Monitoring data.

How to use it

After install it:

1. Open application as any other OutSystems application and it will allow you to jump to where the application documentation is;

Thanks Ricardo Costa for this feature.

2. Or go to directly to the following URL:

://<Your Environment URL>//rest//

Change the part <Your Environment URL> for the name of environment where you install and from which you to get data out.

Important Notes

  • This is beta software. Use at own risk. Although we made the best efforts, it works well and in our everything worked as expected, we can assure and can cause issues;
    • Although it wasn't report none till now.
  • It's not designed to support a high volume of data extraction;
    • So we don't advise it, if for the timeframe you want to fetch the OutSystems monitoring data the volume of records is superior to 5000 records. It will most probably give you time outs.
  • , so we advice to not expose it to the internet;
    • If you want to do you should improve the application to, at least:
      • Encrypt the data transfer;
      • Have user authentication


[1] OutSystems Monitor and Troubleshoot reference information

[2] OutSystems Performance Monitoring

[3] To understand better relevant OutSystems Monitoring data

What’s new (1.0.1)

Add Home page with a redirect for the rest methods page.

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