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Stable version 1.2.0 (Compatible with OutSystems 11)
Other versions available for 10
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This probe exposes all the relevant OutSystems Platform monitoring data through a set of REST APIs of a specific environment.
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Probe to expose all the relevant OutSystems Platform monitoring data through a set of REST APIs of a specific environment. 

The goal was to provide access to data that was only accessible through a direct query to the OutSystems Platform database (logs, timers, ) and to data accessible through the built-in OutSystems Performance Monitoring API [2], so it can be:

  • Consumed by 3rd monitoring tools;

  • Or be used to explore the raw data and study OutSystems Platform and applications behavior and performance, etc.

Use Cases

Provide an accessible way to leverage OutSystems Factories to:

  • Explore OutSystems monitoring raw data and learn it;

  • Do troubleshooting.

  • Integrate with 3rd party tools;

  • Build your own visualizations and alerts on top of the OutSystems Monitoring data.


[1] OutSystems Monitor and Troubleshoot reference information

[2] OutSystems Performance Monitoring

[3] To understand better relevant OutSystems Monitoring data

Important Notes

  1. If you have an integration with a 3rd party tool(like this one) that is using the MonitorProbe to poll the logs, make sure you adjust the polling time to fit the size of data being collected during that period.

  2. The greater is the number of events logged to be fetched, the shorter has to be the polling time. This rule is crucial to decrease the impact on the performance of the front-end servers.

  3. Based on our benchmarking tests we advise you to not poll more than 20k records per minute in order to have acceptable times, nevertheless these numbers depend on the number of Front-Ends and their specs. So based on the previous point 2, adjust your use case in order to have the best performance and fit your needs

Release notes (1.2.0)

New Features:

  • The authentication system was improved to support two more options:

    • None: access logs without any authentication

    • Token: access logs where the authentication must be done through a Bearer token

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