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Stable Version 6.0.0 (O11)
Also available for 10, 9.1, 9.0, Older
Published on 01 October 2018 by 
Created on 03 February 2014
Utils to support multiple time zones.
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Feature List

  • GetTimeZone - returns a specific time zone from a Windows/Java timezone identifier.
  • GetIANATimeZone - return a specific time zone from a IANA identifier.
  • GetCurrentTimeZone - returns current system time zone.
  • GetSystemTimeZones - returns a list of time zones.
  • GetTimeZoneForLocation - receives a location as a representation of a city, e.g. Paris, France. Uses Google API to determine timezone from the location.
  • ConvertFromTimeZone - converts datetime from source time zone to destination time zone.
  • ConvertFromUTC - converts from UTC to a specific time zone.
  • ConvertToUTC - converts from a specific time zone to UTC.
  • ConvertTimeZoneToIANA - Converts a Windows time zone ID to an equivalent IANA time zone name. (.NET version only)

Includes sample module.

What’s new (6.0.0)

Upgraded to OutSystems 11

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