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Trigger Pipeline

Stable version 2.4.0 (Compatible with OutSystems 11)
Other versions available for 10
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Trigger Pipeline

LifeTime plugin that triggers a CI/CD pipeline whenever a new changeset is available.
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Trigger Pipeline plugin enables you to trigger a CI/CD pipeline hosted in an external server (such as Jenkins) whenever new versions (i.e. tags) are available for your OutSystems applications. 

When configuring a new pipeline trigger, you'll need to specify the list of OutSystems applications that will trigger a given CI/CD pipeline whenever new application versions are created in LifeTime.

Main Features:

  • Configure multiple triggers with different application scopes based on the list of available OutSystems applications; 
  • Applications can be marked as 'Test Applications' (i.e. containing your test code) in the trigger configuration; 
  • CI/CD pipelines can be triggered manually (through the plugin UI) or automatically in a background process;
  • Dashboard screen shows the current status for each configured pipeline trigger;
  • Supports triggers for Jenkins and Azure DevOps pipelines.


  • To install a LifeTime plugin please refer to the following guide;
  • This component is part of a set of resources to accelerate the creation of CI/CD pipelines for OutSystems applications, as described in this Knowledge Base article
  • Additional step-by-step documentation explaining how to configure these pipelines from scratch is available in the outsystems-pipeline GitHub repository.
What’s new (2.4.0)
  • Added new 'Trigger Manifest' screen for defining the content of the trigger manifest artifact to be sent to the pipeline via input parameter. To activate this feature, Site Property 'Feature_UseTriggerManifest' must be enabled;
  • It is now possible to change the default source environment per pipeline trigger configuration;
  • Added search box to filter pipeline triggers shown in 'Dashboard' screen;
  • Optimized check for new application versions in 'Dashboard' screen.

NOTE: Trigger Manifest feature relies on the Properties API provided by the Properties Management plugin for retrieving the available configuration items (site properties, service endpoints and timers). This plugin must be installed in the LifeTime environment and the correct API endpoint must be specified in the 'Integrations' tab in Service Center.

Reviews (3)
10 Mar
in version 2.3.0
Great component!
Could you check if it is possible the situation exposed at:
in version 2.1.1
Excelent component and documentation and assets for quick implementation. Thanks team.
in version 2.0.0
Intuitive lifetime plugin to connect to your pipelines. 
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