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CI/CD Probe

Stable version 2.2.0 (Compatible with OutSystems 11)
Other versions available for 10
Uploaded on 23 October 2023 by 
OutSystems Lab
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CI/CD Probe

Exposes environment-specific information for supporting CI/CD pipeline activities.
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The following services are currently provided through a REST API:

  • Scan existing BDD test endpoints (i.e. WebScreens) in the target environment;
  • Get producer applications (i.e. dependencies) in the target environment for an application given as input.

More services to be added at a later stage, as needed.


  • This component is part of a set of resources to accelerate the creation of CI/CD pipelines for OutSystems applications, as described in this Knowledge Base article;
  • Additional step-by-step documentation explaining how to configure these pipelines from scratch is available in the outsystems-pipeline GitHub repository.
Release notes (2.2.0)
  • Added an optional authentication flow to the REST API. When enabled, all requests made to the CI/CD probe must include an header with the API token defined using Site Property 'APIKey'. To activate this feature, Site Property 'Feature_EnableAPIKey' must be enabled;
  • Version 2 of the REST API was added. The new version returns also BDD test endpoints created using the BDDFramework Client Side;
  • Fixed an issue that occurred if BDDFramework module had been renamed in the environment where the CI/CD probe is deployed.
License (2.2.0)
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