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Created on 26 April 2019
Create text templates using Handlebars.js for .NET. Handlebars.js is a popular templating engine that is powerful, simple to use and has a large community. It is based on the Mustache template language, but improves it in several important ways. With Handlebars, you can separate the generation of HTML to write cleaner code.
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You can use foreach loops, very simple if logic, variables, records, lists, structures, entities, you name it!

Using clear and intuitive way to call data.

Easiest is to use a Record in which you put structures, entities, lists or just directly use variables.
Where you can call them by writing their name (which is shown in the record variable in service studio, see screenshots) using a . to seperate between object and attribute.

Make sure to call ToObject(MyRecordOrEntityOrListOrWhatever) when inputting it to the function.

Using: https://github.com/rexm/Handlebars.Net

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