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Box Connector

Stable version 4.0.0 (Compatible with OutSystems 11)
Other versions available for 10 and Older
Uploaded on 12 October 2020 by 
OutSystems MVPs
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Box Connector

Box Connector allows your OutSystems Applications to use the Box REST API to interact with your files.
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The Box Connector offers instant Box connectivity, providing you with an easy way to interface with the Box API. With this API connectivity to the Box REST API, developers can easily customize and integrate OutSystems applications with Box. Using the Box connector allows users to collaborate, and share files securely. The secure cloud-based content sharing service allows users to create, manage, and retrieve documents and collaborate throughout the enterprise.
  • Create, manage, and retrieve documents and collaborate
  • Share files and collaborate securely
  • Assign tasks to team members, comment on files, and edit documents
  • Create and read workflow tasks
  • Manage permissions

Moreover, the Box connector makes it easy to integrate Box with enterprise content management (ECM) applications (such as Microsoft Sharepoint) for large file management. You can also use Box as a collaborative extension of other content management systems (CMS) or systems of record such as SAP or Oracle.

Additionally, OutSystems Platform allows developers to build custom interfaces and workflows and access event stream data. OutSystems applications will be able to access Box to allow developers to extend its capabilities, making it accessible to everyone in the enterprise.
On versions before v3.0.0 (released on 4 Dec 2018), for the sole purpose of measuring adoption, when the component is published, some details (license type, activation code, platform version) are reported to OutSystems. 
Release notes (4.0.0)

Merge of the existing (and deprecated) BoxConnector v2, which includes:

  • Better JWT support (updated to the latest version of the component).
  • Allows to use As-User impersonation while calling the Box API.
  • Support for Metadata.
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in version 4.0.0
Hi there hope you're doing well this connecter is working well I want to use this in my reactive application also can you convert it ..??