London Theme

Stable version 19.0.0 (Compatible with OutSystems 11)
Other versions available for 10 and Older
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London Theme

Sleek, responsive and touch ready. Create beautiful applications with the new London theme and let your users unleash the full potential of your applications anywhere.
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Deprecated: OutSystems UI is now the supported UI Framework

for Web and Mobile Applications

Going Mobile

Understand the multiple options to build a mobile application and when the London theme is your best option. Learn the differences between a web, hybrid or native application and which of these will fit your needs.
Responsive layout
The London theme was built using Responsive Web Design, adapting the applications to the multiple screen sizes and devices your users have. The OutSystems grid is reduced for tablets in portrait and in smartphones the columns even adapt themselves to the whole screen.
Touch ready
This theme was designed having  tablet users in mind, who instead of having a precise mouse cursor, have to use their own fat fingers. Besides the responsive design, there were additional concerns for touch-friendly controls such as larger fonts and buttons, higher table rows, redesigned pagination, etc...
Probably you never paid too much attention to what font does your web applications use, but choosing the right one can really make a difference. It can change the application look, making it feel more modern. There are also some rules that you should follow when building your screens, when to use headings, bold or any other typography elements.
Modern elements
The general look and feel of the London theme is flat, following the last trends on the web. It also uses a different font which will also give a modern look to your applications.
London is a monochromatic theme, so the good news is that it is much easier to customize to your brand colors. Checkout the London color choices and how you can easily transform the theme to fit your brand.
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