Candlestick and OHLC Charts High Stock

Stable Version 1.0.1 (OutSystems 11)
Published on 06 October 2019 by 
Stable Version 1.0.1 (OutSystems 11)
Published on 06 October 2019 by 
Created on 06 October 2019

Candlestick and OHLC Charts High Stock

Simple way of using HighCharts, HighStocks (CandleStick and OHLC).
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This component uses Javascript libraries of HighChart and HighStocks. 

Allows OHLC and CandleStick charts as main series, with possiblility of having linked series (Abands, etc). 

Can use weblock directly when using one specific library. When using more than one library, can use weblock that has expressions with TechnicalIndicators and HighStocks libraries or if this doesn't fit needs, can use expressions with different libraries. 

Demo has different use cases. Simple, with one library and text of JSON directly to weblock. Upload of JSON text from resource (API response). Weblock with more than one library, which allows insert  and elimination of data points and deletion.

Component is free for Non-Commercial use. For Commercial use license must be purchased. For more details see

This componente was produced under Non-Commercial License:

Quote: "This software is released under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0, and is available for download at No further activation or license key is required.
Should you require a commercial license in the future, please visit our shop."

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