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Timezone offset

Stable version 1.1.0 (Compatible with OutSystems 11)
Uploaded on 28 January 2020 by 
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Timezone offset

The time-zone offset is the difference, in minutes, from local time to UTC. Note that this means that the offset is positive if the local timezone is behind UTC and negative if it is ahead. For example, for time zone UTC+10:00 (Australian Eastern Standard Time, Vladivostok Time, Chamorro Standard Time), -600 will be returned. --------------------------------------------- Current Locale UTC-8 UTC UTC+3 Return Value 480 0 -180
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This component allows calculating the timezone offset from the client using the JavaScript method getTimezoneOffset().

Use this value to show DateTimes stored in your applications into the client timezone.

For example, if your server stores date-times in UTC and a user in PST Timezone what to view the value on its own time, you can use the action GetOffsetInMinutes to return the offset and use it with the action AddMinutes() to show the value in PST instead of UTC.

Release notes (1.1.0)

Added function Format_DateTime.

This function will call the builtin function FormatDateTime but it will apply the offset to the received date time to convert from UTC  to the Client-Side timezone.

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