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Drag and drop items with the use of the Javascript SortableJS library. You can drag items from one list to another, or within the same list, rearranging the order. Also, it supports touch devices. Full personalizable with CSS animations, for instance. This library make use of Javascript and pure HTML5 Drag'n'Drop API.
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Simply place a list with items inside the placeholder and its done. You can now drag and drop items from one list to another or within a list. If indicated otherwise, the child of the placeholder is considered as the parent list and its childs are considered items.

Personalize the behaviour with the JSON input. Read the link for more information.

Drag and drop items with the use of the Javascript SortableJS library:

Read the features/documentation of the library:'n'Drop-API 

This is an initial version. More features will be added in the future. Also, a demo will be added in the future. If you have improvement ideas, feel free to join the team.

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