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Signature Pad Demo

version 1.0.0 (Compatible with OutSystems 11)
Uploaded on 06 June 2020 by 
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Signature Pad Demo

This is a mobile app that can be used to demonstrate the Signature Pad component. It also uses the Location plugin. It provides two reusable blocks to both capture and display a signature stored in the database.
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It provides two reusable blocks:

DisplaySignature will retrieve a signature from a database entity called Signatures, it has one input parameter which is the Id of the signature (type Signature Identifier) to be displayed.

CaptureSignature can be placed on any screen and will provide a popup to allow a user to fill in their signature. It will then save that to the database in the Signatures entity, with a timestamp of when the signature was captured, and the location if available. It will trigger an Event so the parent screen can be informed of the Id of the new record saved and act upon it.

It takes two input parameters, one is a Boolean to control whether the popup should be displayed, and the other is a text parameter for the name to be displayed underneath the signature block.

The home screen demonstrates both of these blocks in use, displaying the 5 most recent signatures, and allowing you to capture a new one.

This demo is dependent on the Signature Block component, and the Location component.

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