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AWS Lex Chatbot

Stable version 1.1.1 (Compatible with OutSystems 11)
Uploaded on 01 October 2021 by 
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AWS Lex Chatbot

Connect to intelligent bots from Amazon Lex V1 that interact naturally through text and speech with your users.
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Configurations required:

- Change the API effective URL of both APIs (AmazonLexRuntime_SignedPayload and AmazonLexRuntime_UnsignedPayload) to the one that applies to your bot.
Check the Amazon Lex endpoitns and quotas page (be sure to check the table for V1 service runtime endpoints).

- Set the site properties:

  • AccessKey - access key of your IAM user
  • SecretKey - secret key of your IAM user
  • RegionName - region where your bot is, for example, "eu-west-2"  
  • ServiceName - name of the service, for Amazon Lex, the service name should always be "lex"

Other steps required:

- Create an AWS Account if you don't have one yet:

- Exercises to get you started on how to use the Amazon Lex console:

To use the example UI, set the site properties:

  • BotAlias - The Bot Alias as is defined in Amazon Lex console
  • BotName - The Bot Name as is defined in the Amazon Lex console
  • BotNameToDisplay - Friendly bot name to display on the chat screen
Release notes (1.1.1)

Fixed return condition where intent slots are empty

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