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Easy Task Manager

version 1.0.0 (Compatible with OutSystems 11)
Uploaded on 02 November 2020 by 
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Easy Task Manager

Mobile application to manage our tasks, categorized and prioritized. Separation of tasks for the day, open and closed. The application can be used by multiple users, each of whom only sees their tasks, being protected in the Wrappers of the CS module. Sidebar event visualization and option to eliminate tasks (each user deletes theirs).
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The application was developed with Core in a separate module, the wrappers are for service actions and the tables are read-only.

The same wrappers do the necessary checks against the user who is calling them (both by role and by the user identifier).

The application has the ability to scale for task sharing, and it is necessary to adapt the wrappers.

The application works with the role registered, allowing each consumer to adapt to the scenario that suits them.

Note: in the Save action of the task details JavaScript is being injected to add and remove CSS classes to the task selection ButtonGroup, in the "Required field" scenario, since it does not work if the same classes are not related with your buttons.

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