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DynaMic Transfer List

Stable version 1.0.7 (Compatible with OutSystems 11)
Uploaded on 29 August 2021 by 
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DynaMic Transfer List

This is a simple Reactive Widget that allows the user to transfer an item from a source list to a target list. No additional button is needed. No server processing involved. All client actions.
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There are three web blocks for this widget:

  1. List Block
  2. Transfer List Vertical
  3. Transfer List Horizontal


This is the building block of this widget.  It contains the list of items to be selected.  Once the button is clicked, the item will be removed from the list.  However, the list and selected item will be returned on the triggered event which can be used on the other list.


  • In_ListOptions -- list of item structure to displayed on the block
  • In_OperationType -- option to change the button icon to either plus or minus
  •  In_ButtonSide -- option to place the button either on the left or right side of the item
  • In_SortBy -- option to sort the list by Title or Content
  • In_IsHoverEffect -- enable/disable animation when item is hovered.  This can be changed by overwriting .transfer-list-item css class.


  • OnItemClick -- this event is triggered every time the button is clicked. The current list and the selected item is returned.


  • Header
  • Footer


These web block makes use of two List Blocks fashioned in either verticial or horizontal manner.

Parameters:  same parameters with List Block except In_OperationType


  • OnItemClick  -- it works the same way with List Block.  However, the source and target lists are returned instead

Additional placeholders:

  • Header Options
  • Footer Options
  • Header Selected
  • Footer Selected
Release notes (1.0.7)
  • Internal indexing of rows is dedicated to the INDEX attribute and not ID.  End-users should use ID for whatever value they require
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