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Created on 26 November 2017
Contains ticks action which can be used to get a 100-nanosecond interval. With this interval, you're able to measure the execution time in milliseconds. This extension probably also work for older versions, but can't check from which version it still works so no guarantee on this one.
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With this component, you're able to get a computer tick. This tick represents a time in 100-nanosecond. With this tick you're able to calculate the time that has past between 2 ticks.

When you divided the difference between two ticks by 10.000 you get the number in milliseconds.

I've also built an example application with this so you can see for which purposes and how you can apply this logic in your own situation.

Example application: https://www.outsystems.com/forge/component/2905/performance-measurement-example/

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