[Car Accident Reporting] Google Maps Server Key Instructions

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Published on 2016-10-19 by Labs
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Published on 2016-10-19 by Labs


When updating the “Car Accident Reporting” and “Telecom Service” apps, bear in mind that the new version should be using the new Google Maps component. These Apps have a Site Property that previously stored a Browser API Key, which now should have a Server API Key instead. We outline the procedure to do this below, detailing the steps to obtain the key and store it in the appropriate Site Properties for the mentioned Apps.

Key Creation Procedure:

Login at “developers.google.com/console” with the account you wish to have the new Server Key associated with, followed by the desired project:

Access “APIs”, under the “APIs & Auth” section, and ensure you have enabled the “Geocoding API”:

Under the “APIs & Auth”, select “Credentials” to access the screen with the currently available keys:

Here, click “Create new Key”, followed by “Server key” to request a new Server Key:

You should come across this screen, asking for the list of IPs that will be enabled to use the new key. We recommend that you set the IP address of the Platform Server that will be hosting the Google Maps component, but you can leave it blank if you wish:

The following screen should display the created key (be careful not to copy the Browser Key by mistake, as both would be displayed on this screen):

Server Key setup:

Access the main modules of the applications that use the Google Maps component (“Car Accident Reporting” and “Telecom Services” are shown) and change the respective Site Property (“MapKey” and “GoogleMapsKey” respectively):

Final Note:

Bear in mind that you will still need the Browser Key that you were using previously. This will be set on the component’s “BrowserAPIKey” Site Property itself: