[HTML5 Goodies] Geolocation in IOS

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Published on 2015-01-30 by Pedro Cardoso
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Published on 2015-01-30 by Pedro Cardoso

I'm looking at the Geo-location part of this and am really interested in using it.
The demo works on an Android phone - but it does not seem to pick up the location on any IOS devices.
It asks to allow access to the phone - but no co-ordinates are shown.
Is this a known issue - and are there any fixes scheduled?

Thank you
Hi Martyn,

Are you using it inside a native shell (such as OutSystems Now)?
Can you see any javascript error?
Does your iPhone have the GPS turned on?

Thanks for the reply

Iphone GPS turned on
Goodies downloaded to my environment and I was just browsing straight to it
I'm wanting to find my GPS without using OutSystems Now
Uhm, it is not working indeed in iPhone 8.x .
Not sure if something changed... I am not able to work on this at the moment, would you be kind enough to help me out solving this? 

Thanks in advance!

I'd be interested in helping
Great! Just ask to join the team!