[Liverpool Template] Liverpool mixed with Dublin?

[Liverpool Template] Liverpool mixed with Dublin?

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Published on 4 Oct by OutSystems R&D
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Published on 4 Oct by OutSystems R&D
After spending some time testing both Liverpool and Dublin I've realized that the best template would be a mix of both:
The look and feel of Liverpool with the side\vertical menu of Dublin.

The Liverpool font is much better than Dublin, the login page is great and I also prefer the "metro" look of the Liverpool buttons.
But then we are stuck with the top\horizontal menu.

Is it easy and problem free to have a mix of both? What would be the best way to achieve that?

In the future can we have a "theme creator" where we could choose the look (Dublin or Liverpool) and the menu style? That would be great.. ;)
Well, you can "clone" a theme and fix it from there?
after all it's a template.

when you finished you can make it a template-application :)

Yes, I know..
But the amount of changes to put the left menu into Liverpool or make Dublin with the same look of Liverpool  might be huge.
Hello Carlos,

Thanks for the feedback. We will add it to our backlog to be analysed.

Best regards,
Samuel Jesus

Fore the dublin preview you can donwload an OML file.
I cannot see the download preview button for the liverpool preview. Can i get the oml file for the liverpool preview anywhere?

Hello Fabian,

Actually, we do not have available for download any other preview.

The preview app is just a regular Liverpool app with all the patterns from Silk UI inside.
If you really need to have that app, you can download the Dublin Preview OML, create a new Liverpool based app on your server, and then just copy all pages and actions from Dublin Preview to your new app.

Best Regards,
Samuel Jesus