[Chat] Node.js installation?

[Chat] Node.js installation?

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Published on 2015-11-24 by Hélio Dolores
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Published on 2015-11-24 by Hélio Dolores

What is recommended.
Is it possible to install node.js on the platform-server itself?
Or should it be a seperate server?

Hi there,

I'll always recommend to have full control on the server but I'm running my demo on a heroku server for 6 months without any issue so far.

There is a problem of coexistence with application servers (e.g. IIS) - they will take over the regular ports 80/443 and node.js will not receive these requests).
If you communicate in a different port you'll have no problems on that but you might have intranet restrictions.

On the other way (external server) you may get restrictions on cross domain communications in one page (this is less frequent).

Depends a lot on you scenario.

If you use the same server you don't need to have 2 HTTPs certificates also :)

btw.. I'll fix an issue when you have the permissions configured on your server (scenario: Administrator sends a message to a regular user and he cannot see the admin on the contacts). I hope to make it ASAP (until the end of next week).